Saturday, July 8 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When it comes to fashion versus function in a foundation garment, women often have to make a choice between something that controls and supports, with something that is comfortable, smooth and seamless. This season, Neubodi introduces a Back-to-Basics collection, creating a super lightweight and comfy range of smooth and seamless collection that barely shows up under what you wear.

There are three separate ranges under The Smooth Express range, namely the Shanice U-Boost® Collection, Aubree SexyUp® Collection and Wonda SexyUp® Collection.
For those looking for a natural contour, the Shanice U-Boost® collection is the perfect pick for you. Created using Neubodi's patented innovation, the U-Boost® sling within the cups instantly increases bust volume, creating the most natural push up. The smooth and silky outlook creates non-other than a second skin feel, whilst promising to stay invisible under the trickiest tops. To add on, the Shanice is designed using Ultra-Breathe® air pockets, which enhance airflow and allow your body to breathe.

Key Features:

• Smooth and silky T-shirt bra

• Moulded 3/4 cup • U-Boost® innovative sling for a natural contour and the ultimate push-up effect • Ultra-Breathe® air pockets embedded for enhanced air flow and ventilation • Wide back panels and 3 rows x 3 hooks hooks for secured fastening

Price: RM189

Size: 32 – 40, A-E Cup
For those who are looking for a sensual feminine delight, the Aubree SexyUp® collection will make you glow. Naturally sexy, the Aubree has a customised push-up formula creates a more natural profile, with a good amount of cleavage. The exclusive SexyUP® inner cushion lining ensures a supportive hold and superior uplift for all-day wear, while the super soft luxe fabrication and encased underwire eliminates any form of ‘dig-in’. Lastly, this bra guarantees to disappear under any outfit you put on.

Key Features: • Smooth and silky T-shirt bra • Moulded ¾ cup • Customised SexyUP® push up formula for superior uplift • 4 side softbone for enhanced comfort, fit and support • 3 hooks fastening

Price: RM189

Size: 32 – 40, B – F Cup
Lastly, for those who seek the right amount of sexy, indulge yourself in our Wonda SexyUp® collection. Made also with the exclusive SexyUP® inner cushion lining, the Wonda effectively pushes the breasts up and towards the center for a dramatic lift and sexy cleavage. With removable straps, Wonda boast a strapless low-cut style that is perfect for the subtle plunge neckline.

Key Features: • Smooth and silky T-shirt bra • Moulded half cup bra • Customised SexyUP® push up formula for superior uplift • 2 side softbone for enhanced comfort, fit and support • 3 hooks fastening

Price: RM189

Size: 32 – 40, B – D Cup

To find out more information regarding Neubodi’s new collections and events, kindly log onto Neubodi’s Facebook page, or check out Neubodi’s website at Neubodi always have something special in store for our beloved customers!

St Ignatius' Church Richmond, Victoria, Melbourne

Monday, July 3 326 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

St Ignatius' Church, Richmond is a Catholic Church located in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, Victoria, Australia.

It is one of the largest and one of the earliest churches in Melbourne outside of the central business district.

St Ignatius Church is a magnificent historic building. Looking for a place for your wedding? This might be the perfect place for you.

Saint Ignatius Catholic Church is located in 326 Church St, Richmond, VIC 3121.

From Melbourne city you can reach here by taking on two tram routes, 48 and 75 on Bridge Road and route 70 on Swan Street. Alternatively, tram routes 78 and 79 from St Kilda beach to North Richmond will stop right in front of the Church (Tram Stop 59) on the top of Richmond Hill.

enjoy my windy day at Bistro Roy's Cafe Sydney

Thursday, June 29 509 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

When you're in Sydney and you got nothing to do on a peaceful Sunday? Head down to Bistro Roy's Cafe which is located in the Sydney city which is near to the Central. Sydney is beautiful, you can find a lot of cafe with different themes. If you're like me, enjoy sitting at the corner and looking at those busy cars and walking people. This is where you should visit. 

First Try Japanese Food in Sydney : Menya Noodle Bar

Saturday, June 24 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

In case you never visit to Sydney, you can find ANY food in the town of Sydney. When I can ANY, I mean you can find any cuisine like Malaysia, China, Japanese, Korean, and Thailand cuisine in Sydney. This is the first time I visit to Sydney, I am amazed by the selection of food I have over here. From spicy to non-spicy, from rice to noodles. They just have anything you want!

Brioche by Philip, cafe with the best bakery and best sourdough in Melbourne!

Friday, June 16 Ringwood VIC 3134, Australia

Cafe hopping has become something of a worldwide obsession. Finding Cafe in Melbourne is fairly easy. So while there are many, there are a few that really stand out. Few days ago, I visited Brioche by Philip which is located in Eastland Ringwood, Victoria, Melbourne. I was greeted by a barista, who is full of energy and friendly. 

Shalom Sunday Market in Bundaberg, Queensland

Saturday, May 20

This is the first Sunday Market I visit when I was in Queensland. I spent almost 1 week in Bundaberg, one of the city in Queensland. Nothing much we can do in Bundaberg, especially during the weekend. Since Sunday market is one of the weekend activity that most of the Australian do, I decided to go for a walk.

Singapore’s Newest Lifestyle Hotel Introduces New Communal Culinary Spaces

Thursday, February 16

Singapore’s hottest and newest lifestyle hotel is now officially open, along with its in-vogue dining concept: Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar. The highly anticipated restaurant aims to excite the taste buds of locals and hotel guests alike, by delivering genuine, trendy and convivial experiences.

Introducing the new First Words book series from Lonely Planet Kids

Saturday, February 11

Books from Lonely Planet Kids. Simple, striking and beautifully illustrated, these three new books - First Words: English, First Words: French and First Words: Spanish - are the perfect introduction to new languages for the whole family.


Tuesday, February 7

 Why does time seem to pass so quickly? While you think that the saddest thing you will probably face when you're on HCG treatment, Chinese New Year hit your door. I was on the 3rd week, unfortunately it is the Chinese New Year week as well. I told my mum not to cook ANY dishes, since I'm on diet. I need to slim down , and make sure I look pretty on these coming Chinese New Year. BUT STILL, I CHEATED!!! 

Clinique : Powerful Eye Creams For Men and Women

Tuesday, January 31

In the dermatology based skincare market, Clinique stands out among the rest. Clinique is now one of the biggest skin care and cosmetics brands on the market. One of the awesome products by created by Clinique is Eye Products.Targeted eye formulas visibly smooth, lift and brighten.

The disappointing, feeling discourage, no weight loss week! - HCG WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM (PART 4)

Halooooooo~ Here come my 2nd week update! As usual, wake up in the morning, have the injection and 500 calories per day. Nothing change and I'm not dare to take the risk to cheat! After 1 week of injection, I went back to Nexus Clinic for some doctor review. I was told to back to clinic every week (1 day), just in case anything happen doctor can give us some advice. 

My preparation for Chinese New Year 2017!

Thursday, January 26

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Chinese New Year is on his way, and I'm getting super excited now! Me and my family start preparing few weeks before Chinese New Year. According to the traditions, this is the time to clean the house, prepare food for the feast and make banners and decorations special for the New Year.

Get quick, detailed advice from experienced, online Doctors!

Wednesday, January 25

Ever thinking of seeing a doctor online? Sometimes you just need a doctor, whether you’re at home in the middle of the night. Seeing doctor without visit to clinic or hospital is not a dream. Now you can talk to a doctor any time of day, wherever you are. Doctor on Call lets you have face-to-face conversations with a doctor on your computer or mobile device. No appointment needed.

What to eat during HCG Phrase 2 - HCG WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM (PART 3)

Tuesday, January 24

Preparing food during HCG Treatment is not easy. You need to have several delicious and easy to make HCG diet recipes at your disposal to get through Phase 2 of the diet successfully. Phase 2 consists of a 500-calorie diet drinking lots of water along the way. Below are some recipe that I found on Google. There are fun and easy to make. Want to know more? Continue reading! 

Butter Up For a prosperous chinese new year! scs reinvigorates cookies with artisanal recipes

Friday, January 20

Chinese New Year is around the corner, let's get ready to ring in the Rooster year! What is Chinese New Year without cookies. Chinese New Year cookies are so expensive, why not recreate at home by yourself? Here are some recipes for cookies, which arfe perfect for a bit of family fun over the Chinese New Year. 

I lost 5kg in 1 week - HCG WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM (PART 2)

Tuesday, January 17

*SCREAM* *SCREAM* I LOST 5KG IN JUST 1 WEEK! Can you imagine that! I am so so so happy! I have to say, the 1st week of my HCG Program is so tough, and I even think of giving up! But let’s see what I’ve achieved! I lost 5kg! 

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Bliss To Sail From Miami In Winter 2018

Friday, January 13

Norwegian’s next new build to seasonally homeport at PortMiami beginning November 2018
Norwegian also unveils ship's staterooms and suites, including options
for families and groups sailing together, along with virtual ocean view windows in studio staterooms.

Grand Launch of Abundance & Prosperity @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Swimming in Abundance and Prosperity at Sungei Wang Plaza Celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year Kuala Lumpur, 7 January 2017 – Let’s usher in the Year of Fiery Fire Rooster with Abundance and Prosperity at Sungei Wang Plaza from now till 19 February 2017 this Chinese New Year. Sungei Wang Plaza spreading the festive cheers in the heart of Bukit Bintang with wide array of festive goodies, magnificent Koi fish decorations and exciting events and activities. 

A visit to Nexus Clinic - HCG Weight Loss Program (PART 1)

Tuesday, January 10

I am plus size, and has been so since I was 10. People use to call me “Fei Po” (肥婆 in Mandarin), “The Hulk”, “The Shrek” and many more, you wouldn’t want to hear that if you’re a plus size. People always laugh at me when I’m exercise, dancing, or when I’m giving speech on stage, just because I’m out of size. 

I wear size 16, and I’m 85kg. Being fat and fashionable is a big task, especially in Malaysia. Not much choices that I can make. Either too expensive or too “old” for me. So, I decided to try HCG Weight Loss program from Nexus Clinic. I want to be very transparent with all of you and I want to share my experience with all of you. Let’s see if I’m able to lost some weight! HAHAHA! 

Hotel G Singapore Spreads The Holiday Spirit - The City’s Newest Hottest Lifestyle Hotel Introduces Enticing Rates -

Wednesday, January 4

Hotel G Singapore opened its doors bringing its unique in-vogue experience to the little red dot. Singapore’s hottest and newest lifestyle hotel is kicking off their soft opening with a series of fresh and exciting promotions, including an introductory 40% discount on itsBest Available Rates applied to all room categories.

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