Australia working holiday! 肥妹仔Robinvale采葡萄历险记!采葡萄真的赚钱? 去你妹的采葡萄!

Wednesday, March 8

看见朋友申请 Working Holiday Visa, 可以在国外边赚钱边游玩是不是很爽咧? 澳洲与纽西兰一直是热门Working Holiday 国家。到这两个国家可以做什么工呢?Packing ( 负责包装的工作 ), Fruit Picking ( 采水果 ), Farm ( 农场饲养 ),Cleaning ( 清洁工 ) 等等是最常见的工作。

大家可能常常听到大家说,采水果是最赚钱的工作。在澳洲,每一种水果与蔬菜盛开的时间都不一样。关于各种水果与蔬菜的季节与盛开地点,你可以到 浏览以或者更多的详情。下面的图片是关于 Melbourne ( 墨尔本 ) 的一些水果与蔬菜的生长时间。

Singapore’s Newest Lifestyle Hotel Introduces New Communal Culinary Spaces

Thursday, February 16

Singapore’s hottest and newest lifestyle hotel is now officially open, along with its in-vogue dining concept: Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar. The highly anticipated restaurant aims to excite the taste buds of locals and hotel guests alike, by delivering genuine, trendy and convivial experiences.

Introducing the new First Words book series from Lonely Planet Kids

Saturday, February 11

Books from Lonely Planet Kids. Simple, striking and beautifully illustrated, these three new books - First Words: English, First Words: French and First Words: Spanish - are the perfect introduction to new languages for the whole family.

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