Picking cherry tomato in Bundaberg, Queensland

Monday, May 22

Bundaberg is one of the place that full of job for backpackers and those with valid visa like working holiday visa. Picking tomato cherry is one of the easiest farm job you can ever try. Since I was travelling in Bundaberg, why not give it a try? 

Shalom Sunday Market in Bundaberg, Queensland

Saturday, May 20

This is the first Sunday Market I visit when I was in Queensland. I spent almost 1 week in Bundaberg, one of the city in Queensland. Nothing much we can do in Bundaberg, especially during the weekend. Since Sunday market is one of the weekend activity that most of the Australian do, I decided to go for a walk.


Sunday, April 2

续上一次在Robinvale 葡萄园备受煎熬之后,我逃到了Rochester! Rochester 是一个很漂亮的小镇。在这里风景很漂亮、环境很干净、居民很有礼貌,跟Robinvale比起来简直就是天堂。我来到这里也快两个星期了,皮肤不但开始变得健康起来,人的胃口也开始变得更大... 反正就是,人住得舒服,吃得开心!

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